Use of catalysts in the wood panel production

Alla gamma di prodotti impiegati per la protezione passiva al fuoco della divisione KALI, si aggiungono i catalizzatori.

Catalysts are part of the range of products in the KALI division.

Wood-based panels production


Time is a key factor in the production process of wood-based panels. In fact, the use of catalysts can be part of the solution. Catalysts, therefore, act on the process of bonding the wood by changing the speed of a given chemical reaction.

In other words, it makes it possible to accelerate the hardening process of thermosetting glues, optimizing production times.

Catalysts: use


KALI’s catalysts, that are from a research and development phase, are used in the production process of wood-based panels, such as chipboard or plywood.

In addition to the hardening function of the glues, several tests have shown the effectiveness of the product as a formaldehyde catcher, contributing to lower the levels of the volatile organic compound: for this reason, the product is under constant study, with a view to developing and enhancing the characteristics required by the market.

The products formulated in the KALI division allow to meet the different plant and panel production needs. In fact, we can offer:

  1. Catalysts in liquid form, KALI Sol liquid
  2. Catalysts in solid form, crystalline form, KALI Sol

Our catalysts are mainly based on ammonium sulphate, and they can be marketed in different solutions. In addition, there is the availability to samples for tests on plants.

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