Products and solutions for the wood sector

KALI is the division that at ProPHOS Chemicals deals with the study, production, and supply of additives for different types of use in the chipboard and plywood market. Over the years, the division specialized in the production of flame retardants and products able to respond to the increasingly emerging needs of a constantly evolving market.

Specifically, the division – flanked by a modern internal research and development laboratory – deals with the study, formulation, and production of three different types of products.


Flame retardants, formaldehyde catchers and catalysts.

First, the KALI division is engaged in the production of flame retardants for the chipboard, i.e., chemical additives for passive fire protection that can reduce the flammability of objects, thus reducing the risk of fire and subsequently the emission of smoke, thus preventing the formation of toxic gases.
The constant attention to the evolution of the specific needs of the wood sector, as well as the ability to offer new and cutting-edge products to its customers, have led KALI to formulate two other different types of products:

  • Formaldehyde Catchers, solutions that, mixed during the production of the panel, are able in the long term to intercept and consequently reduce the emission of the formaldehyde present.
  • Catalysts, solutions used to accelerate crosslinking, or the complete hardening process of the glues, able to accelerate and optimize production times.

Seriousness, professionalism, total collaboration.

The seriousness and professionalism that distinguish KALI in providing quality products for safety is already evident from the choice of raw materials, of first quality and free of pollutants. A choice equal to a finished product of high value, safe and eco-sustainable.

For KALI, it is important to establish a close collaboration with its customers: a relationship that allows to provide a tailored product and therefore suitable to the specific needs, as well as to the production and structural needs of the customer. A relationship of trust that, at the same time, allows to test the products in the respective production plants.

Furthermore, the use of additives from the KALI division during the production of the panel allows to meet the highest safety standards according to the fire resistance tests (resistance, smoke and dripping), always acting in compliance with the specific standard EN13501-1:2009.


An efficient and technologically advanced laboratory

The R&D laboratory inside ProPHOS Chemicals is technologically equipped and managed by personnel in constant training. Inside, studies and research are carried out in order to devise new formulations, increasingly efficient and safe, also working in synergy with customers in the development of ad hoc formulations according to specific needs, plant requirements and special requests.

With a view to supporting and accompanying our customers, the research and development department offers technical documentation, dedicated assistance for any tests, as well as for the use of products and samples useful for verifying the products on the panel.


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