Formaldehyde classes

What are the formaldehyde emission classes for wood-based panels and what is the reference standard?  

Emission classes


Appendix B of UNI EN 13986 states the formaldehyde emission classes for all wood-based panels. The classes are only two, E1 (lower emissions) and E2, and semi-finished products are subjected to a series of tests.

Test methods

To be classified, the panels must be subjected to technical tests, established and described by UNI EN 13986, deferred in time.

An initial type test is followed by factory production control tests. Depending on the emission levels in the air of the test chamber, the appropriate class is assigned.

Please also note that in Italy only panels, such as chipboard or plywood, that reach the E1 emission class can be formally marketed and used (Italian Decr. 10 October 2008) indoors.

Class E1 legitimizes the use of panels because the concentration of formaldehyde that is created in the environment is below the limit established by the World Health Organization.

Formaldehyde catchers


In our Research and Development laboratory, we have developed a solution that blocks the volatilisation of formaldehyde from semi-finished products.

Our formaldehyde catcher, Wood Ammonia Solution (W.A.S.), is a solution that can inhibit formaldehyde leakage and help achieve the highest quality standards of wood-based panels in terms of safety and health.

See our formaldehyde catchers page, or contact us for more information.

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