How packaging is important in ensuring product quality

How do we ensure that BLOK extinguishing powder retains its chemical-physical properties?

How do we ensure that BLOK extinguishing powder retains its chemical-physical properties?

In addition to the use of raw materials and state-of-the-art production processes, our focus is also on the last stages of the production cycle, that is, the choice of packaging.

Big bags and bags


We act in compliance with regulatory standards. In this case, the note in section 13 of the EN 615:2009 standard makes clear the need for special attention to packaging. The extinguishing powder, as we well know that is composed of very fine particles and other less fine, is likely to have losses if the packaging is not high-end.

This is why we choose and work in synergy with qualified and up-to-date suppliers, to offer the highest quality standards also in terms of packaging.

A meticulous work of research that has allowed us to improve more and more performance, avoiding leaks and ensuring the absence of moisture problems (we always recommend, in any case, storage and handling in dry places).

Our range of products is sold and distributed in different packaging to meet every need of plant and work: 1000 kg big bags – our best seller -, 25 kg paper bags (with inner polyethylene film) and drums of 25 kg (for special powders PRO-K and PRO-M). Our packaging is also recyclable, so it can be delivered at collection centres.

New packaging for new needs


To our range are added two new packaging: resistant 6kg and 9kg bags to intercept the needs of space and maneuver that, for example, the maintenance market may need, especially for some foreign markets.

Always alongside manufacturers and maintainers


We always act alongside fire extinguisher manufacturers and maintainers: a collaboration that leads us to always give our best. Our range of products, then, allows us to serve different markets of active fire protection, through ABC, BC and special type D powders.

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