Sustainability: past, present, and future scenarios

As we know, the two-year period 2021-2022 was a very critical phase for many companies.

As we know, the two-year period 2021-2022 was a very critical phase for many companies because of the considerable pressure on energy and raw materials costs. But not only: it also represented a turning point due to the search for alternative solutions and with an eye on sustainability.

Two-year period 2021-2022: past scenarios


These strong changes have forced Italian and European companies to adapt to a more efficient production logic, also following a philosophy of sustainability (which can refer to the process or product).

Sustainability has always been part of our corporate vision, detectable in the different divisions that make up the company. For example, by choosing the fluid bed technology to produce microgranular fertilizer and flame retardants.

Furthermore, have long been installed scrubbers and washing towers capable of reducing soluble pollutants: thus, to reduce the atmospheric emissions of ammonia and a partial recover on the production of liquid catalysts.

In addition, at the end of 2022, a new semi-automatic warehouse came into operation, capable of storing around 860 pallet spaces in 600m2, thus to a better goods movement and to improve the worker’s workload.

BLOK Extinguishing powders: present and future scenarios


The company worked on the complete replacement of the mixer, used in the extinguishing powder production, reducing the gas dependency.

We are therefore able to nurture the entire production process through the electricity, that is clean because is generated by a brand-new photovoltaic system of about 250 m2.

In addition, we invest in better technologies also to offer high-quality and efficient products, which can then be used by fire extinguishers manufacturers and maintainers also in the process of products homologation.

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